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Introduction to Practitioner features and quick setup guide

Learn about your Practitioner features and how to quickly get started using Lumina Learning products


Introduction to Practitioner features

As a Lumina Learning Practitioner, you have access to lots of different features in your online account. To find out more about a feature, click the links below.

Quick setup guide

These steps are relevant to the following products: Lumina Spark, Spark Coach, Lumina Emotion, Lumina Gift, Lumina Leader and Lumina Sales, and any 360 versions of these products.

As a Lumina Learning Practitioner, you will use Lumina Learning products for a wide variety of purposes, such as development and selection processes, leadership programmes, and individual coaching sessions.

The individuals that take part in those processes (we call these people Participants) complete tasks or questionnaires, from which Lumina reports are generated (we call these reports portraits).

This guide explains how to use your online account to administer these processes. Follow the steps below in order and click on the link in each heading for full instructions.

Step 1: Access your Practitioner Profile

Your Practitioner Profile is the starting point when using the Lumina Learning products mentioned above.

Step 2: Create a project

In your Practitioner Profile, you create 'projects', which are how you group together a cohort of Participants. Projects help you to keep your data organised.

You configure a specific set of products and settings in each project, so we recommend that you create a separate project for each different cohort of Participants. For example, you would create a new project for each development or selection process that you run.

Step 3: Invite Participants to join a project

You invite Participants to join a project, where they complete the tasks and questionnaires associated with the products.

Step 4: Download your Participants' portraits

After a Participant completes a task or questionnaire, their Portraits and other data will be available to download in the project.

    Advanced steps:

    After you have mastered the basics, you can explore more advanced Practitioner features:

    How to ask for help

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