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How do I create a project?

Learn about what a project is and how to create one


A project is a way for you to group together Participants that take part in a development or selection process. You can enable one or more Lumina products in each project, along with other project-specific settings.

Every time you run a new development or recruitment process, we recommend that you create a new project. This allows you to keep your data organised.

How to create a project



    1. Go to your Practitioner Dashboard (for full instructions, click here).
    2. Select Create New Project in the left-hand menu.

    3. Your existing projects are shown in a list. To create a new project, select the button with a plus sign (+).

    4. You will be guided through a step-by-step project creation wizard.
    5. Enter a project name, then press the next button.

    6. Choose a project start date and time and PDF release date.
      1. The project start date is the date on which you intend to deliver Portraits to Participants. This is a reference date visible to both you and Participants.
      2. The PDF release date is the date on which Participants in your project will be able to sign into their account to access their portraits.
      If you do not wish for Participants to be able to access their portraits by signing into their accounts, set a date far in the future.

    7. Select at least one organisation from your list of available organisations.

      The selected organisations will be displayed to Participants when they register, before they complete their questionnaire. This is a way for you to group your Participants together and make it easier to find them later.

    8. Select the products you wish to enable in the project. The corresponding questionnaires will be made available to your Participants.
    9. Select the language in which you want the portraits to be generated.
      You can choose a primary and a secondary language. Portraits will automatically be generated in both languages. If you only use one language, set both options to the same language.
    10. Select the required norm. The selected norm will adjust Participants' scores to reflect the circumstances under which they are completing the questionnaire.
      • High Stakes Norm: use when the Participant is taking part in a recruitment or selection process.
      • Standard Norm: use in most other scenarios, such as development contexts.
      Please note, you will no longer be able to change the norm setting when a Participant joins the project.

    11. Enable email notifications, if required. You can choose two options:
      1. Notify me when users complete questionnaires: if you select this option you will be notified every time a Participant submits a completed questionnaire.
      2. Notify me when new downloads are available: if you select this option you will be notified every time a new Portrait is available for you to download. This occurs typically a few minutes after the Participants completes the questionnaire.
      Emails will be sent to your Practitioner Profile notification email address. We recommend enabling only one of these options.

    12. You have now created your project! Click Open Project to go to your Project.

    Next step: after you have created a project, you can invite Participants to join the project to complete tasks and questionnaires by following these steps.