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How is Lumina Leader 360 different from Lumina Leader?

A rundown of the differences between the two products

Lumina Leader 360 allows for individuals to rate themselves against a set of leadership competencies and compare this with feedback from others on their leadership skills. Leader 360 builds on the individuals’ personality preferences (measured with Spark), with additional competency based questions assessing their leadership competencies (Lumina Leader). This gives the individual a rich understanding of their general preferences and tendencies, but also how they lead others day to day. Their peers, colleagues, boss or family and friends then rate them against these same leadership competencies. This allows for the individual to get an objective understanding of how they view their own leadership abilities versus how others may see them.


Lumina Leader 360 is different to other Lumina Learning products as it involves:

  1. A self-assessor: The individual who is rating themselves




2.   Raters: Individuals (peers, colleagues etc.) who rate the self-assessor


As such, when using Lumina Leader 360 you will require two URLs:

  • The first URL will be sent to the individual who is assessing themselves (the ‘self-assessor’).
  • The second URL will be a ‘rater’ URL, and will be sent to those who are rating the self-assessor.