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How do I edit or delete my tax details?

Use the Lumina Payment System to Edit or Delete your Tax Details

Step 1: Navigate to the Payment System

Please sign in and navigate to the Lumina Payment System.

Step 2: Go to Billing & Tax Details

In the left-hand menu bar, select Billing & Tax Details.

Step 3: Go to Tax Info

Select the Tax Info tab.

Step 4: Edit or Delete Tax  Info (edit or delete a legal entity)

You will see a list of your existing Tax Info (existing legal entities).

To edit Tax Info, select Edit. This will open a form pre-filled with your existing Tax Info. Make any changes and select Save Legal Entity. For help with how to complete this form, see How do I add new Tax Details and scroll to step 4.

To delete Tax Info, select Delete. You will be presented with a confirmation dialogue to delete the Tax Info.


Thank you for reading this guide!