What are the Practitioner features available in the Lumina Splash app? How do I access them?

The features available to you in the Lumina Splash app depend on your Account Tier level. This article explains the different features and how to access them


Lumina Splash app features - Essentials Account Tier

lumina-splash-app-view-your-personal-splash lumina-splash-app-explore-your-aspects lumina-splash-app-share-to-compare

View Your Splash

Quickly visualise how you scored on eight key aspects of your personality - Extraverted and Introverted, Big Picture Thinking and Down to Earth, Inspiration Driven and Discipline Driven, People Focused and Outcome Focused.

Explore your Aspects

Navigate your Splash by zooming into the Aspect level to learn more about your scores with the help of dynamic descriptions which are generated by your responses.

Share to Compare

Share your Splash online with colleagues, friends and family to get personalised feedback on where you complement each other and where you might clash!

Lumina Splash app features - Premium and Enterprise Account Tiers

splash-gallery-ipad_350px speed-read-ipad_350px splash-o-matic-ipad_350px

Splash Gallery

Quickly view any Splash and compare any two Splashes directly from your Splash Gallery.

Speed Read Others

Speed Read your clients, learners, colleagues, friends and family from your own device.

Draw Any Splash

Use Splash-O-Matic to intuitively explore people's personalities by creating their splash in front of their eyes.

How do I access Practitioner features?

Before beginning, download the Lumina Splash app and add your own Splash.

Essentials Account Tier

Essentials features don't require you to sign in. All you need to do is add your Splash, then you can start using the features.

Premium and Enterprise Account Tiers

To access Premium and Enterprise features you must first sign into your Lumina Account:

  1. Open the Lumina Splash app.
  2. Select Splash Gallery at the top-right.
  3. Enter your Lumina Account sign-in details. Use the same sign-in details that you use when accessing your Lumina Account in the browser.

If you see an error message when you try to sign in, you can find troubleshooting steps by clicking here.