How do I activate Lumina Spark Coach in a project?

How to activate Lumina Spark Coach in a project from your Practitioner Account online

Lumina Spark Coach is available for free for Premium and Enterprise Tier Practitioners and on a pay as you go basis for Essentials Tier Practitioners



How to activate Lumina Spark Coach

Please log in and navigate to Project Management and select the relevant project. In your project, go to the Products tab. Click to activate Spark Coach.

Please note: Spark Coach can only be activated if Lumina Spark Full is activated in the project. Spark Coach can also only be downloaded and made available to Participants if Spark Full has been purchased.


enable spark coach


How do I control when Spark Coach will be available for Participants?

You can select the delivery date and method for Spark Coach during project set up and can also adjust these settings in the Project Settings tab.


How do Participants access Spark Coach?

If you have selected instant/scheduled delivery, then a notification email will be sent to Participants with a link to access Spark Coach on the date selected. This feature will burn the points automatically (if required) so that Spark Coach can be sent on that date and time.

Otherwise, Spark Coach will be released to Participants’ accounts on the PDF/Portrait release date in your Project. Please note, a Spark Coach must be marked as viewed/paid for in order to be made available to Participants. Participants can then access it by logging into their account and navigating to Portrait Downloads and selecting View Spark Coach.