What is Scheduled Delivery and how do I use it?

This article is still under construction, please check back for improved instructions soon!

Scheduled Delivery replaced Instant Delivery for all projects created from July 2020 onwards.

Instructions on how to use Instant Delivery in your old projects are coming soon!

What is Scheduled Delivery?

  • Scheduled Delivery is a feature in each project that allows you to send an email notification to your Participants when their portrait is ready to view or download. You choose when to send the email:
    • As soon as available (once the portrait has generated, typically 5-10 minutes after the participant completes the questionnaire), or
    • At a scheduled future date.
  • Optionally, you can attach the Participant's portrait to the email.
  • Scheduled delivery must be enabled before a Participant completes their questionnaire. Language settings cannot be updated after a Participant registers. However, the release date can be extended if it has not already passed.
  • The portrait will be generated according to the language setting you select in the project's Settings tab. The two options are 'questionnaire language' (language in which the Participant completes the questionnaire) or 'project language' (language you select in your project's Settings tab). Project language is recommended.
  • If the email attachment option is enabled, one PDF will be attached. The language will match the language settings. The participant can sign into their account to access other language versions, if applicable.
  • Scheduled Delivery can only be used with some portraits. A list of supported portraits is available in your project's Settings tab.
  • If you select a time and date for Scheduled Delivery, email notifications will be sent at your local time according to the time zone settings in your account. You can review your time zone settings by following these steps:
    • Navigate to your Practitioner Dashboard (see these steps).
    • Select Account Overview in the left-hand menu.
    • Select View Personal Details.
    • Under Local Information choose your time zone from the drop-down list. After you make a selection, your changes will automatically save.

Interaction between Scheduled Delivery and 'Date & Time PDFs released for download'

  • Each project also has a 'Date and Time PDFs released for download' setting, which is the date on which your Participants can sign back into their Lumina Account to access their portraits.
  • If Scheduled Delivery is enabled, it overrides 'Date and Time PDFs released for download'. For example, if the date and time for PDF release is 10th January and Scheduled Delivery is set to 20th January, your Participants will be able to sign in to their account to download portraits on 20th January.