How do I upgrade my account?

Learn why you have been asked to upgrade your account and the steps to follow to complete the upgrade process

Why do I need to upgrade my account?

Some users have a legacy account in our legacy sign-in system.  This is because these users would have registered with us before we upgraded to our new Portal. If you have a legacy account, you will be asked to follow a short process to upgrade your account the next time you sign in. This will allow you to use the new features in the Lumina Portal.

How do I upgrade my account?

If you need to upgrade your account, you will automatically be guided through the upgrade steps the next time you sign in.

  1. Sign into your account at

    sign in page
  2. You will see a message: We are upgrading you to a new Lumina Account that features a fresh look and enhanced security.

    Press Continue.

    2. Lumina Account benefits
  3. You are asked whether you have already used the Lumina Portal. Choose one option:
    1. If this is your first time using the new Lumina Portal, select: No. I have not used the portal. I need to upgrade my Lumina Account. Most users should select this option.
    2. If you have already used the new Lumina Portal and already have a Lumina Account, you can merge your legacy account with your Lumina Account. Select: Yes. I have already used the Portal. I will sign in with my Lumina Account. If you choose this option, you will be taken to the sign in page. Please sign in. This will complete the upgrade process.
    Note: If you select 'Yes' and sign in but the upgrade process starts again, it means you do not have a Lumina Account yet. Follow the upgrade steps again and when you reach this screen, select 'No'.

    3. Have you already used portal
  4. Enter an email address and password, then press Register. Please note:
    1. Your email address will be used to sign in and receive notifications later. Please ensure you use a valid address that you have access to.
    2. Your password must meet the strength criteria.

      5. Enter password
  5. Some users will be asked to verify their account. If you see this screen, check your email inbox for a verification email. If you do not see this screen, proceed to step 7.

    5. check email
  6. If you have been asked to verify your account, open the verification email and select Confirm my account.
    6. Verification email
  7. Please wait while your Lumina Account is prepared. Do not close this screen.

    7. Account preparation
  8. Your account has now been created. Click Sign in to return to the sign-in page.

    9. Account creation success