What is Speed Reading? How does it compare to Lumina Spark?

Speed Reading offers a quick and fun visual introduction to your personality using the Lumina Splash app

Before you begin, download the Lumina Splash app by clicking here.


What is Speed Reading?

Speed Reading in the Lumina Splash app asks you to answer between 16 and 24 questions about your personality. After answering the questions, you will receive a visual representation of your personality called a Splash.

How do I use Speed Reading to create an introductory Splash?

  1. Open the Lumina Splash app and press Start.

  2. When asked Do you already have a Splash? select No.

  3. Enter your name and press Start.

    Screenshot_20201029_105852_com.luminalearning.splash   Screenshot_20201029_105900_com.luminalearning.splash
  4. You will see a series of instructions about how to answer the questionnaire. Move through the instructions by pressing Continue.

    Screenshot_20201029_105905_com.luminalearning.splash  Screenshot_20201029_105909_com.luminalearning.splash  Screenshot_20201029_105933_com.luminalearning.splash   
  5. When you are ready to begin the questionnaire, on the final instruction screen press Go!  

  6. You will be given a series of statements about your personality. Respond to these statements by either agreeing or disagreeing:
    • To agree, swipe right or press the Agree button.

    • To disagree, swipe left or press the Disagree button. 

  7. After answering all the questions, to view your Splash, press Reveal Splash.
  8. You will be given the option of taking part in Lumina Learning's research. If you choose to take part, we may contact you in the future with opportunities to complete other questionnaires or trial new products.
    1. If you want to take part, enter your email address and press Continue.
    2. If you do not want to take part, leave the email address field blank and press Continue


    Your Splash will open. Enjoy exploring your Splash!


How do I upgrade my introductory Splash to a full Splash?

If you have an introductory Splash created using Speed Reading and now want to upgrade to a full Splash, you will need a Lumina Spark Portrait. You have two options:

  • If you already have a Lumina Spark Portrait, you can upgrade your Splash by following these steps.
  • If you don't have a Lumina Spark Portrait, you speak to your local Lumina Learning representative by clicking here. They will be able to advise you how to obtain a Lumina Spark Portrait.

I have already imported my full Splash from my Lumina Spark Portrait into the app, can I use Speed Reading?

If you have already imported your full Splash from your Lumina Spark Portrait, it is not possible to use the Speed Reading feature.

What is the difference between a Speed Reading Splash and the Splash in my Lumina Spark Portrait?

Speed Reading is designed as an introduction to your personality and does not offer the full depth or accuracy of the Lumina Spark questionnaire.

  • Speed Reading uses a shortened 16 to 24 question version of the full 144 question Lumina Spark Questionnaire.
  • Speed Reading asks for a yes or no answer to each question, whereas Lumina Spark asks you to score yourself on a 5-point scale, from strongly disagree through to strongly agree.
  • Speed Reading asks questions relating to the 'Effective' Persona (Underlying and Everyday Combined), unlike Lumina Spark, which encompasses the three personas: Underlying, Everyday and Overextended.
For these reasons, your Speed Reading Splash may look different to the full-accuracy Splash in your Lumina Spark Portrait.