How do I disable or enable a project URL?

Learn how to disable or enable a project URL and find out more about how this feature works.

Introduction: what does disabling or enabling a URL do?

  • By default, all project URLs are enabled. This allows Participants to register to the Project and complete tasks and questionnaires.
  • When a Project URL is disabled, no new Participants can register to the Project.
  • Any Participant who tries to register using a disabled URL will see a massage that the URL is not active.
  • When a project URL is disabled, a participant who has already registered to the project but not completed a questionnaire will still be able to sign in to complete it. There is no time limit to complete the questionnaire.
  • Any short URLs you have generated for the project will also be disabled when you disable the project URL.
  • You can re-enable a project URL at any time.

You can use the disable URL feature to create a deadline for completing the task or questionnaire. For example, set the Project URL to disable the day before your workshop. Remember to tell your Participants about this deadline!

It is currently only possible to disable a project's Mass Registration URL. Unique registration URLs and Rater URLs cannot be disabled.

Instructions: how to disable or enable a Project URL

Step 1: Sign in & Navigate to Your Practitioner Dashboard

Sign in and navigate to your Practitioner Dashboard.

Step 2: Enter Your Project

Select Project Management in the left-hand menu.

Select your Project.

Select the Project URLs tab.

Step 3: Disable or Enable the URL

The status of your URL is shown:

  • A green tick indicates that the URL is enabled.
    URL enabled
  • A red cross indicates that the URL is disabled.URL disabled

Manually disable or enable the URL

  • To disable the URL: select the URL Enabled button. URL Status will change to a red cross to indicate that the URL is disabled.
  • To enable the URL: select the URL Disabled button. URL Status will change to a

Automatically disable the URL at a future date

To set the URL to automatically disable at a future point in time, under Automatic URL Disabling enter a date and time and press the save button.

It is not possible to automatically enable a URL at a future date. This must be done manually.

disable url future date


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