How do I view or export my point burn history?

Use the Lumina Payment System to view or export your points burned history.

Navigate to the Payment System

Please log in and navigate to the Lumina Payment System.

View your Point Burn History

On the left-hand menu bar, click Points Burned.

Here you can see the history of your burned points.


  1. You can sort columns of the table by ascending and descending order by clicking the arrows next to column headings.
  2. You can filter the table by entering a query into the Search field.

Export your Point Burn History

  1. Click Export Points Burned Data.
  2. Select the time span of the data that you need to export.
  3. Select Export all data or, if you wish to only export the data you previously filtered or searched for, select Export filtered Data.
  4. The exported data will be automatically downloaded (or, depending on your internet browser, it may ask you whether to download the data or not).
  5. CSV (comma-separated variable) files are commonly opened with Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets or similar.


Thank you for reading this guide!