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How do I generate a self-assessor and rater URL for Lumina Leader 360?

How to generate a self-assessor and rater URL for Lumina Leader 360

When using Lumina Leader 360 you will require two URLs:

  • The first URL will be sent to the individual who is assessing themselves (the ‘self- assessor’).
  • The second URL will be a ‘rater’ URL, and will be sent to those who are rating the self-assessor.

There are two ways of generating these URLs, depending on your preferences/needs, as will be outlined below. The key distinction between the options is that in Option 1, you can create both a unique self-assessor URL and rater URLs at the same time, and can send out both URLs immediately. In Option 2, the self-assessor must register to take the questionnaire first before the rater URL becomes available to send out to raters.


Option 1- Creating a unique self assessor URL


You can create a unique self-assessor URL for each self assessor. This is a personal URL that is specifically for that individual. By creating a unique self-assessor URL, a Rater URL is automatically generated for that individual.

The following steps outline how to create a unique self-assessor URL as well access the rater URL for that self-assessor.

Step 1: Ensure that you have enabled Lumina Leader 360 by going to the Products tab and selecting Lumina Leader 360.


Step 2: To create the unique self-assessor URL, go to the Self-Assessors tab and select Create Self-Assessor. Fill in the details of the individual who will be assessed.



Step 3: You have now created a unique Self-Assessor URL. You will find this URL in the Project URLs tab under the individual’s name with the title Unique Registration URL. This is the URL you will send to the self-assessor.

By creating a unique Self-Assessor URL, an accompanying ‘Rater’ URL will be generated automatically. This is the URL you send to those rating the individual.


Advantages of creating a unique self-assessor URL:

  • You can email the self-assessor URL and the rater URL immediately
  • The raters can begin to give their feedback even if the self-assessor has not completed their own questionnaire.
  • When the self-assessor follows the URL, it will welcome them using their name

Option 2- Generic Self-Assessor URL


The second option is slightly different. It involves sending out a mass (generic) URL to the self-assessor(s) first. This one URL can be sent to each self assessor.

However, you must wait for the self-assessor(s) to register before the ‘Rater’ URL is generated.

Step 1    As above

Step 2   Go to the Self-Assessor tab. You will find a mass URL. This will be the URL you will send to the self-assessor.



Step 3   You will need to wait for the self-assessor to register to take the questionnaire. Once they register, a ‘Rater’ URL will be generated for this individual automatically. You will find the Rater URL listed under their name in Project URLs. 

Advantage of using a mass (generic) URL for self-assessors:

  • May be easier when needing to send one link to large numbers of self-assessors.