Delegated access - tips and best practice

This article contains guidance on best practice when using a Practitioner Profile that you have been granted delegated access to use

  • Speak to the person who owns the Practitioner Profile. They will let you know what you are and are not authorised to do within the Practitioner Profile
  • Only use as many points as you are authorised to use. Points are the online credits used for accessing portraits. Points stored in the Practitioner Profile are shared by all users of the Practitioner Profile. Points are deducted (or 'burned') when you:
    • Access or download portraits and other products (including PDF and digital portraits)
    • Use Scheduled Delivery to automatically make portraits available to participants. Further information about Scheduled Delivery is located here
  • Only access projects and participant data (e.g. portraits) that you have authorisation to access
  • Do not share access to your Lumina Account with any other person. If you believe another person requires delegated access to the Practitioner Profile, speak to the owner of the Practitioner Profile