How to accept an Enterprise invite (for Enterprise Members)

If you are an Enterprise Owner, please visit the user guide here.

  1. Visit the invite URL provided by your Enterprise Owner
  2. Sign into your Lumina Account. This must be the Lumina Account that contains your Practitioner Profile.
  3. Enter the unlock code provided by your Enterprise Ownerenterprise_practitioner_invite_acceptance_1
  4. Please read information text carefully and press one of the following options:
    1. Join Enterprise using Practitioner Profile. This means your existing Practitioner Profile, your projects and data in your projects will join the Enterprise and come under management of the Enterprise
    2. Join Enterprise using new Practitioner Profile. This means your existing Practitioner Profile will not join the Enterprise. Instead, you will create a new Practitioner Profile that will be inside the Enterpriseenterprise_practitioner_invite_acceptance_2

You have now successfully joined the Enterprise!