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How do I share and compare my Splash in the Lumina Splash app?

Learn how to share and compare your Splash with other people's Splashes using the Lumina Splash app

Before you begin, add your own Splash to the Lumina Splash app by following these steps.

Compare your Splash with someone else's Splash

Share your Splash

Access your previously compared Splashes

1. Press the Compare button

2. Press Continue

3. Select Scan a Splash Code

4. A barcode scanner will open. Point your camera at the other person's QR code

5. The other person's Splash will open on your device

Your Splash is overlaid on their Splash to allow you to compare. Your Splash is displayed in a solid colour (the same as your top Aspect). The other person's Splash is displayed in rainbow colours.

You can compare your Splashes in the following ways:

Tap on one of the 8 Aspects to open the Splash Navigator.

The Splash Navigator displays a zoomed in view of the Aspect with a description of how you compare with the other person. 

Select Read More to find out more about the Aspect.

Swipe sideways to go to the adjacent Aspect (for example, move from People Focused to Inspiration Driven).

Swipe outwards to go to the opposite Aspect (for example, move from Introverted to Extraverted).

3. Select Share this Splash

4. Press Continue to generate a shareable QR code

5. Choose how you want to share your QR code. The options available will depend on which mobile device you are using and which apps are installed.

The easiest way to share your Splash with someone is to select View as QR code.

The person you share your Splash with can open your Splash in their Lumina Splash app using the Compare feature, which is explained here.

When you compare your Splash with someone else's on your device, their Splash is saved for you to view later.  To access these Splashes, follow these steps:

3. Scroll down to the list of people whose Splash you have previously compared

4. Select the person's name and press Continue